Wednesday, February 18, 2009

It's a Raymond Chandler evening. . .

Ok, so I think I may have figured this thing out. This will be an official test blog. The title comes from a song by Robyn Hitchcock... which maybe I can post as well. For now though I'll call it a day. I mean I can't spend all my time on the computer. I've got homework to do. But now that I've figured it out It'll make future endeavors easier. This will be a small tribute to Raymond Chandler. The first is a clip from Robert Altman's film adaptation of The Long Goodbye, which is by far the best of all of his adapted works to be shot for the silver-screen. Despite the screenwriters myriad of changes to Chandler's novel--including updating the milieu to the 70's, giving Philip Marlowe a cat, and completely rewriting the ending--the film is no less amazing. Also, Elliott Gould is amazing!  The second is an audio clip from 1958 and recorded shortly before Chandler's death. Sadly enough this is the only sound recording of his voice that is known to exist. In the clip Chandler is interviewed by James Bond creator, Ian Fleming. Chandler is the one that sounds like a drunken Jimmy Stewart. Ok I really need to get some homework done. Enjoy.   

Ian Fleming / Raymond Chandler - BBC, Third Programme

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