Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I'm new to this world. 

So bare with me.

I'm dedicating this "blog" (where in he hell did this term come from anyway?) to a few of my favorite things. Comics, pulps (as well as the Victorian Penny Dreadful), film, old time radio and music.

One thing I have decided to tackle is mapping out the life and works of George Thompson. 

Thompson was an antebellum writer of what is most commonly called the urban mystery. From what I can tell there is very little about him.

One of my wishes for this website is bringing people together to talk about these things. So please comment! 



  1. Great blog so far! You read comics, have you read any about Elric? (michael moorcock)

  2. I have not read any of the comics, but I love, LOVE Michael Moorcock, as well as the band Hawkwind. I'm sorry about the lateness of this reply, I'm just starting to get back into blogging.